It is incredible to me that people can sit down with a therapist for one hour per week, talk about their lives, feel heard and understood - and that it can make such a difference. 

Individual therapy even has the potential to improve relationships: if one person is able to shift on their own, then others will shift in response.

Talking things through with a caring and trained therapist can help you develop insight, feel less alone, and simply enable you to feel better.   I will be someone you can trust and I will help guide you through the difficult parts.  I will help you make changes.



Are you struggling in your relationship?  Are you longing for the good times you shared with your partner?  Do you feel misunderstood?  Or do you feel like no matter what you do, you can never get it right? 

I can help.  I can understand your perspective as well as your partner's.  I can help you talk about the things that are hard to talk about and make sure conversations go differently than they do at home.  I can help you understand each other.  I can help you get along and feel more connected.   

We will work together to make sense of things and heal past hurts.  We will work together to strengthen the bond between you and you will be able to enjoy greater harmony and connection. 

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Humans are innately social creatures - we crave companionship and connectedness.  These relationships not only provide the joy and satisfaction and comfort in our lives, they help shape who we are.  Therefore when we are struggling in our relationships, with a partner, with a parent, with a sibling, with anyone important to us - it can be overwhelming, stressful, and heartbreaking.  

Individual therapy has the capability to help you feel understood, supported, and less alone.  Imagine how much more powerful that process would be if it was not just the therapist who could understand you, but your loved ones as well. 

In my experience family therapy, although at times messier, ultimately provides faster results because there is so much more to work with when your loved ones are in the room.  That way the therapist has more than one perspective to work with and we can address problems head on.  In this way, I can help create empathy and reduce conflict.  I can help you connect with one another and enjoy each other.

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