What is Somatic Experiencing?

The body's response to stress involves the Fight, Flight, or Freeze process.   Situations in which this process gets interrupted or suppressed overwhelm the body's nervous system and result in trauma.  

Somatic Experiencing (SE) focuses on the body and uses a variety of methods to enable the nervous system to complete the Fight, Flight, or Freeze process so the mind and body can relax.

SE sessions draw attention to what's happening in the body and tracks those sensations while reprocessing stressful and traumatic experiences.  The emphasis is not on simply talking about these experiences for a sense of temporary relief, but on working through them in a body-oriented fashion and creating opportunity for a different experience of past trauma by allowing the body to complete the stress response process.

SE helps people increase awareness of their body, regulate their emotions, and self-soothe.  Sessions are slow, focusing on micro-movements, but the effects are empowering and freeing.  


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